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reible said:
I know the guys on the workshop use their router table for a lot of the hand held jobs they do but is anyone using some thing else? This could be job site or in the backyard.......

I have a "Workmate" that comes in handy for this.

Hi - I made myself very good table on a cabinet with drawers, I use a Roesenau Template, the table is 2ft by 3 ft. and 48" high, sits on the cabinet on 4 locking swivel wheels. I have added a back piece so that I can use the router, laying on its side,or from the top or bottom plus added my own system to connect to the Vacum. This is one sweet unit and My Dewalt 625 loves it very much.My fence is set up on track and can attach a larger piece so I can do doors. Most of this material was gotton a garage sales, so my cost on this unit was under $100.00. My template only cost me $10.00. I saved money here and put it into a real good router.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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