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I've got a very similar model 315-275062. I've had mine for several years. Mine has had easy use in a hobby shop, not a professional shop where the equipment is worked hard.

It's pretty heavy so I prefer NOT to use it as a hand held model. I've had intermitant problems with the handle on/off switch. And I've had problems with the locking handle on the other side, it often unlocks when the router is in use, allowing lift mechanism (and hence the bit) to lower. I keep a rubber binder on it now. And of course there is the age-problem of (Craftsman) bases being NON-standard, so adding accessories like guides can be frustrating. My router table and plate are from Rockler. This router didn't fit through the table opening without a struggle, although Rockler sold it for this particular router. (Maybe be that's Rockler issue not the Craftsman.)

I do like the Posilock system and single wrench for changing bits.
Good Luck Berry in St Paul.
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