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Hi Tim,

I have the 24" Porter Cable Omnijig and it works very well. The Leigh, which I've never used, has an excellent reputation. I really don't know which one is best because of my inexperience with Leigh. I can tell you that the PC Omnijig does help you do a great job but everything is in the setup no matter what dovetail machine you use. If you are new to making dovetails you've got a learning curve to deal with. I hope you have plenty of scrap wood for practice. If you get the Omnijig it comes with a very good video and owners manual. The video takes you through the setup for each of their templates. I've read that the Leigh also has a very good user manual.
Both of the units you are looking at meet your requirements and I am not aware of a better machine than either of these. Perhaps somebody else will suggest another machine to compare against the PC and Leigh.
Best of luck.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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