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Welcome back Shawn! The easiest way to create the front rail bends shown is to slice some hardwood into 1/8" thick sections, apply glue to both sides and clamp them to a forming jig. Once the glue dries you can cut the piece to length. Building the jig requires a picture to explain it. It would take pages to describe what instantly makes sense from a pic. I am guessing there is a fixed center partition to support the weight. The doors would have tops and bottoms cut to shape with a template. Next they would add end pieces to create a frame. Not knowing the inside configuration I would say they took 1/4" plywood and made a series of 1/8" deep cuts at 1" intervals for the entire width. They would then steam the plywood for about 10 minutes, apply glue and clamp it to the frame to get the shape. Again the panel would need to be oversized and trimmed to fit. It is far easier to buy the surface material ready to use. It comes rolled in a tube and all you have to do is glue and clamp it.
You should be able to build this with the tools you have. A table saw and router is really all that is required besides lots of clamps. Clamps need to be placed every 6-8"s all the way around the doors or along the rails.
Here is some excellent reading on building aquariums from the Jan 2007 issue of Woodcraft magazine. I suggest you look through this to understand the support issues for the amount of weight you are talking about.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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