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I believe Ed and Donald have offered some good advice. Many of us have more than one router and this allows us to leave one in the table without the hassles you describe. I think an additional base will cost little less than an additional router itself if you look around. I myself use the Dewalt 618PK which came with a plunge and fixed base. Fine and well until I saw Norm on TV one day and he had a nice "D" handle base, knowing me, I just had to have one.... $75 plus $15 shipping. A few weeks later I ran up on a fellow on another forum that was selling his "new used only once" DW618 fixed base router for $120 "including" shipping, I did not even have to think about it and grabbed it in a heartbeat. He had to liquidate his shop for personal reasons and was selling everything but the walls. It was as brand new as it could get when I received it.

I say look around for a bargin and get a 2nd router. Mount one in the table and keep the other handy for freehand use. These little buggers are addictive and I just added a PC7310 to my collection after listening to this bunch of router addicts discuss it in another thread and also after researching the model furter from other sources. I saved $30 under retail on ebay of a brand new one.

Just my opinions for what they are worth.
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