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rout-on said:
Hi Y'all;
I have a question for which I cannot find the information myself via the net or Manufacturers website regarding whether I can find a fixed base that is capable of attaching to my plunge router (Craftsman 315.245070).It is a pain in the butt trying to set up using my router in the table with a plunge type base.Any suggestions would be hepful.Thanks.

Can someone move this to General Routing posting section..please
Is my question so far out.......or is it that no one can give me a positive answer.....I suppose that I will have to just go out a buy another router and plate to attach it.I have posted the pic of my's probably not all that popular,but IT IS the first one I got.
I don't know that particular router but it looks like one that would not have a fixed base. You can do a few things to make it easier to use. Some of these things will make it in to a table mounted router and require time to re-assemble for free hand use. As was mentioned the springs maybe removed. This makes it for "table only use" until you put the springs back in but it will make it easier to push up into position and lock. The plastic shield can be removed and that will make changing bits easier to do. These things are "free". If you want to spend money several companies make systems for adjusting the router from above the table.... They start at about $90 and go up to $$$. Of course they have to fit your router???

I started with a Sear router a lot of years ago, I still have it and use it for a few special projects. I also have a "large" Sears plunge router in a Sear table and use to have the springs out but purchased a router razer over the winter. This allows for above the table height adjustments but it was about $90.

Most people find it nice to get a second router.... third router.... forth router...... fifth router...... For about a $100 you can get a major brand one with a fixed base..... if you can spend the money to get a variable speed, softstart one it becomes more useful. If you have a bit more to spend look into one with both fixed and plunge bases.....

If you would like to detail your problems rather then spend the money we might be able to give you more detailed answers........

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