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Please read through the following guidelines and ensure that you follow them.

  1. The content of the article must be original content, you can't copy other written work.
  2. You are allowed to source bits of information from external sources, but you are required to properly credit the information.
  3. Keep the title of your article relevant to the topic. It makes it easier for members to identify the article without having to read a large portion of the content.
  4. You are allowed to have images in your article, all images must be uploaded to Router Forums via the Attachment System. Note that externally sourced (hosted) images will removed. If you are experiencing issues with the attachment system, please contact Mark for assistance by clicking here.
  5. Keep article topics related to the general subject matter of the community.
    1. Routing or using the Router
    2. Projects and How-to
    3. DIY or Renovation
    4. Power Tools
    5. Woodworking
    6. Turning and Lathes
    7. Wood Carving
    8. Wood Burning
    9. Safety in the Shop
    10. CNC Routing
    11. Wood Species or Types of Wood
    12. Wood Scrolling
    13. Project Finishing (painting, varnish etc..)
    14. Walk-through of your recent Project.
    15. Or other subjects that relate to Woodworking or Routers.
  6. Please ensure that you spelling and grammar check your submission before submitting.
  7. We allow product owners to promote their products through the Article system, but we ask that they do not excessively link the product in the article. Also that the article includes information relevant to woodworking and isn't strictly a sales pitch. If you are unsure if your article may be considered a sales pitch, please submit it anyway and I will contact you with any required revisions.

Note: All articles are moderated, understand that Router Forums reserves the right to reject any submission without reason. Also, please be patient while we review your article, private messaging a moderator will not speed up this process.

If you have any questions in-regards to these guidelines, please PM me or a member of the Moderation Team.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.