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Artpath wont open DWG files

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Hi all,
We just updated our Gerber Artpath from 4.0 to 6.5 and since the update I haven't been able to import any files into the program. We mostly use .dwg files and whenever I select the file I get the error message "Module GspCvtrFn.cpp Line 804 Error Loading GSP import filter" and then "OnErrorGspCvtr"
Has anyone else had this or a similar problem? If so, how did you fix it?

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Have you checked with the software tech support? Is there a plug-in that needs updating?

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Are you sure you do not usually use DXF files? DWG files are usually the ones with dimensions, notes, etc. for prints. DXF files are usually the ones that contain just the geometry. According to their website, the software accepts DXF files, does not mention DWG files.
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I definitely use .dwg. It's what I get from my designer, but it won't open either dxf or dwg files. I've tried exporting as pdf as well. But nothing seems to work. I reinstalled the software update and that didn't help.
I called and emailed tech support and they want to charge us $75, which my boss wants to avoid.
How much is it costing your boss while he's trying to save $75???

Ask your designer what version the .dwg files are. And see if he can save as an older version.
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You might ask your question here

It is probably a missing plugin or something but might be a bad installer.

When you paid for the upgrade didn't they include some tech support? I think I would contact them and make sure.

If not it might be best to bit the bullet and pay for the tech support but it almost sounds like it might have been a bootlegged copy of the software and that is why it is not working and they what you to pay for support.
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