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atc spindle upgrade

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hi everyone ,just joined the forum ,
i purchased a chinese router 4 years ago .it has a 10*5 bed ,last year i upgraded the controller to a uc300eth running uccnc, the router runs great. a few weeks back i purchased a 6kw atc spindle and vfd ,my plan is to get the spindle attached and running. i would appreciate some advice on the setup procdure ,what solenoids are needed,airline equipment ,wiring,,,safety ect.

thanks rory.


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Welcome to the forum, Rory. ( @voyager1972 )
You may get better response if you post you question in the CNC section of the forum.
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Welcome to the forum.
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wow, that is a departure from the normal "chinese cnc" which typically show up here.

as i see it, you have the physical/mechanical installation (plus air), the electrical installation, and the software integration (vfd and cam software). you will need to start addressing these needs. it is difficult for us on the other side of the keyboard to know what will fit/work and what won't. i would recommend that you accomplish what you can (maybe contact the manufacturer, which is who??), and make a list of questions to ask here, i'm sure others here will help!

are you adding a tool holder carousel, or inline tool holders down one side? didn't see those in pics...

pictures will help when you have questions also!
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