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Attn: Aussie craftsmen - Tasmanian Oak query

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Hi folks.
As some of you may know/remember, I'm building a round dining table with x-legs.
I'm going to use Tasmanian Oak for the legs, and probably a beech top.

The Tassie oak I've gotten are lengths of 2-ply laminate. I've never worked with this wood before, are there any tricks or things I should know before I get started?

I'll be cutting half lap joints for the main joinery. I'm hoping it'll be relatively stable and I plan to use clear poly to seal it once I've got it all cut and assembled.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips, I'd love to hear them.

For our overseas friends, Tasmanian Oak is a hardwood variety taken from 3 Eucalyptus varietals, fairly light colour with some pleasant grain characteristics (to my mind).

I was originally going to use pine, but after discussing with my designer (wife), the plans have changed a little ;)


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Tassie oak finishing

Steve that is sure pretty wood. does the reddish coloration go to brown when it is finished? In any event the grain is nice no matter what color it turns. Show pictures of your progress.
Hi Herb

I think it will depend on what you finish it with. I have tested a little piece with the clear water-based poly, and it hasn't changed the colour at all really, which was surprising.

I'll definitely show photos!

Just finished the mortising jig today that I will use for the leg joint (will explain as I go along), and the best bit for me is it works! I have to celebrate these things, I'm usually really cautious about these things and need the confidence boost. Feeling good about it so far ;)
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Ah, good to know

Hi Steve,we have a lot of Tassie Oak in our kitchen & it's really good timber. Although I didn't build any of this kitchen I have used it for other projects & all I can say is go slow,take your time & watch for tear out & splinters. All the best,Jamesjj
Thanks James. I will be taking it easy as I go, although mostly that's for fear of screwing it up.
I appreciate the tips based on your experiences.

I think I see what you mean about the tears. I hand-cut a small piece to try with the poly, and it splintered at the end of the cut (wasn't supported), so I'll have to watch this carefully.

Looking forward to posting progress pictures really soon!
Hi James

You were right about the splintering! Just a side note: I found that the same trick to help plywood stop splintering helps on this wood also - a bit of masking tape across the cut and the splintering/tear-outs were almost zero.

I'd recommend trying that next time you're cutting any.
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