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August 2021 boxes and baskets

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I made my son a box in 1998. Recently he gave it back in pieces. He said he dropped it and all the glue joints failed. So I cleaned and repaired it. I shaved a tiny bit off of the glue joints before glueing. Don't know what I used for glue originally, but this time I used Titebond II and left it clamped for 24-hours.

My granddaughter wanted a couple boxes for a wedding so I made two out of Ziricote. While I was at it I made a basket out of the same wood.

A lady gave me a white oak board that I was able to make two baskets.

In the past two weeks I made 4-baskets and 10 boxes.

Some of this is already gone and the rest will be gone by tomorrow to charity.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA


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I should have added...The white oak board that I made two basket from, the lady that I got the wood from said her husband had been a woodworker and he died. She said the wood was free. I told her when a woodworker hear that lumber is free it will disappear quicker that a pizza at a Weight Watcher Convention. I also got some mahogany, cherry and other woods.
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You need to make her a box from the wood that she gave you. It will be very special to her.

Your boxes are always impressive. It's awesome that you give them to charity and those in need.

I have made quite a few boxes, but rarely any of the fine quality of yours.

Thanks again for showing them.

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Beautiful job, as always, Malcolm...
While it is unfortunate that the glue failed on the box you made for your son, it's clear from him keeping the box for 23 years and wanting you to repair it that the bond between the two of you is not likely to fail. Excellent workmanship is always.
For the past 18 years he didn't want anything to do with me. He lives about 3 miles from me. He had a yellow lab dog that died several years ago. He posted pictures on Facebook of his dog. About 3-years ago I asked if he would want me to make him a box with his dog's picture on it. Once made I told him let's meet at a local restaurant to eat and I'd give him the box. Since them we have been communicating.
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Sorry for the 18 year spell, but glad you took the step to break the ice. I hope things improve for both of you.
Very nice Malcolm.
Nice boxes and baskets. I like the baskets. Plans for the baskets are they your designs or did you use a plan. if so would mind sharing where you got the plans.
Joined 2013, and now your first post @fishegl

Welcome to the forum,
Nice boxes and baskets. I like the baskets. Plans for the baskets are they your designs or did you use a plan. if so would mind sharing where you got the plans.
I design everything that I make. I'll try one design until I think of something different. I'm guessing I have made 400 to 500 baskets over the years and probably 1,500 or more boxes. I started making both boxes and baskets 8-sided several years ago. I had planned to document how I make them and post it, but stay so busy. I'll see if I can get something posted soon.

Most I send to charity (Down Syndrome or other organizations) or kids or ladies with cancer that folks tell me about. A lot of memory boxes go to ladies that lose their babies. I'd like to see other woodworking supporting folks in need in their community. Malcolm / Kentucky
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