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I am new to this forum and new to using a Cnc. I built my own Cnc and am using Mach3 to run it. I am retired and don’t have a wad of cash to spend on software. I can find gobs of STL files but converting them for use on a Cnc router I find to be almost impossible. Is there any web sites that offer Cnc 3d models that are in dxf or g-code format? I am willing to pay for the files, it’s just finding them. Can anyone help with this?
I would recommend you download and use FREEWARE Inkscape and use SVG files instead. Inkscape can write g-code directly too.
If you want a low cost CAD/CAM I would recommend HEEKS-CNC 1.4 that only cost EU10. I am using it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts