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Avid CNC near Raleigh NC

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Hi all, I was wondering if there was anyone in the Raleigh or surrounding area with an avid CNC machine. I am probably going to buy one when I move in the next month but really would like to see one and talk to someone who has one first. I'm a bit leery of spending 15k without having ever seen a machine in real life. Can anyone point me in the right direction? General advice on an avidpro 4*8 is also welcome.
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Welcome to the forum, Maps.
Very realistic thoughts on seeing a machine in action prior to spending the big bucks.
What will you be doing with a CNC that big ?
A bit of everything, wooden boats, furniture, and cabinets. At my old job I was roped into using an ancient CNC machine and a laser engraver. I've wanted one since. Mainly I have a 2 car garage and I feel a big CNC will take up less space and less money than a table saw, a planer and a jointer etc etc. I'm a tech geek so i have a lot of fun with the computer side of designing.
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I feel a big CNC will take up less space and less money than a table saw, a planer and a jointer etc
That could well be the case but you'll need those for support and material prep before anything goes onto the spoilboard of that CNC.
I know It's not a perfect 1-1 replacement for all woodworking machines but it can be used in an inefficient manner to replicate a lot of the features of those machines. I would prefer to have them all but time money and space leaves me a choice between a CNC or table saw plus extras. I already have a huge bandsaw and plus a good bit of other tools.
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Welcome to the forum, @MapsCNC
Welcome to the forum @MapsCNC
There are a few others with CNCs here who are making toys and small items like that. Some of the CNC mavens check in at irregular intervals. So be patient about responses.
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