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Axiom "Stratus"air purifier

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has any one had any first hand experience with the above machine which draws dusty air down from the workbench to purify it and then exhaust the purified air upwards? I am extatic that someone has run with this idea which i put on the forums in January 2018.
May i also ask who owns the Axiom company and where it is located, please?
Peter Natoli
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Just looking at it I can see it is for a house setting, not a shop. Those filters will clog in a matter of minutes in most shops. It is no substitute for a dust collection system, even a small 2.5 inch one based on a shop vac with a dust deputy and chip capturing bucket. See pix.

I have a filter for shop air made by WEN that is built for clearing the fine sawdust that is always drifting in the shop air after working on any project. It has the same hp and filters as the far more expensive Jet, but is a LOT cheaper at $132 on Amazon It is made for this purpose and has speed control and time so you can turn it on for several hours and then leave.


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Hi Tom
thank you for your reply. I think you are right about the Stratus clogging in an OLDER STYLE workshop with no dust extraction. However, it was made for a modern workshop where the power tools have fittings connected to pressure and volume dust extractors already. They won't admit it, but i contributed the dust extraction ideas for the Festool 3 hp router. This included the telescopic plastic dust shroud on the motor and the vertical take off configuration. It was the only router which had no problems in a Fine Woodworking magazine review of big routers. If you Google Axiom Stratus, you will see two youtube entries all set in woodworking workshops.

In my original post in router forums in 2018, i described the workshop i would like to build. Because of multiple medical problems it had to be dustless. I was aiming for the air direction to be downward. This would be accomplished with a large air purifier locked in a central room inside the workshop. It would draw air from slots cut in the central room walls at waist height. The central room would have workbenches and machines around it on the outside. The main building would have sound baffled air vents under the sofit lining, that is, at ceiling height. Therefor the air would theoretically have a downward direction past the workers heads to the slots cut in the central room. There it would be processed by the air cleaner and either expelled out of the building in warm weather and recirculated in cold weather. Of course, having no credentials in air conditioning, this is all theoretical. This is why i asked for help on the forum in 2018.

I hope that this explains my original idea. I am dedicated to making a dustless workshop and if i can get some help with this downward dust problem may spend the dollars.
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