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Hi All
Recently bought a used AXYZ
My 4008 has an AMC contrtoller.
I managed to actually import .DXF into TPWin and cut a couple of perfect parts.......THEN...
I wanted to use the AXYZ DNC iinterface in order to use Aspire .nc files direct to the machine. I also got a post processor from another forum member to save into.
When opening the DNC interface it said "no connection". Opened the "port settings" and hit the "boot OS" button....Might as well have hit a nuclear launch code....!!!! Now my machine is all over the place, running past limit switches, the gantry almost ran off the back of the table!! Did a "system restore" but the machine still won't revert back to original table parameters/config.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my main source of income.
Cheers Kevin
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