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Purchased a used AXYZ 4020 machine, Got unit home and it was setup for 480V, Ordered new transformer from ( they really like them). Got new one in and not sure how the inputs are wired and looking for Diagram that is below A2mc controller of 220v.
I've attached the 480v diagram for the old transformer.

Would anyone happen to take a picture of a machine that is setup on 208/220/240v and share please

Sorry, I don't have this machine and can't provide a picture. But I am pretty familiar with connecting line voltage transformers.

The first thing you will need to determine is if you really have 220V. If you are US based then probably not and you actually have between 230 and 240V at the outlet and would want to use the 240V tap on the transformer. The expression "220V" (or 110V) is sort of a colloquialism in the US and does not reflect the actual distribution voltage. As for the actual physical connection, depends on how the transformer terminals are marked. It appears that transformer has screw terminals. Will also depend on what your power cord is like - 3 wire or 4 wire, color coding? So I can't say specifically how it will wire up but its just a matter of working out those sort of logistics. In any case, if it turns out that the transformer has lead wires (instead of screw terminals) the 208 and 220V wires on the transformer must be capped off.

Hopefully someone who has actually done the conversion will join in with a picture of everything. Good luck. Does the vendor have information on how to do the change?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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