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B and R Control vs VNC remote desktop control

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Hello all,

I'm using a Laguna Smart Shop II 5'x10' CNC router utilizing VCarve 11 for toolpathing. I'm running a sheet of 5x5 fastened to my spoil board with plastic nails and vacuum suction.
I'm using 2 tools on my 5x5. I'm using a 1/4" End Mill for profile cuts and a 1/8" End Mill for some detail work. As you may expect, somewhere in the last 20 minutes of my cycle the 1/8" bit broke.

Here's where I'm stuck: I can re-run the entire file, and lose 60 minutes of machine time. Or, I can use the B and R control on the machine to start on the T2 instead of T1, but then the control locks up and becomes unresponsive for over 15 minutes while it reads the file and searches for the spot where the code states t2m06.

So what am I to do?

Here's what I tried so far. I frankensteined my G-code toolpaths by deleting everything from T1M06 to T2M06 and re-ran the file. I got an unresolved "CNC Index Error Line 0" error and the alarm window didn't designate which line errored out.

I've exported a toolpath of my file for only the second toolpath and plan to run it. I reached out to Laguna for some clarification on my options at this point, but I also wanted to check here to see what other people have done in similar situations.

I have been able to suss out and connect B and R VNC Viewer, but it doesn't show the membranes, and seems like a bad option for remote control. Now that my control is networked and I can feasibly connect to it using VNC, what is my best option for machine control? A vendor commented to me that I could monitor and control my machine using a computer so that this would be a cakewalk, but I'm not sure where to go now.

What I plan to do on errors: Check the gcode checker within the run membrane to see if the line# is visible there to be able to restart on line# option within B and R control (maybe this will render a more timely restart rather than the control locking up)
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"Here's where I'm stuck: I can re-run the entire file, and lose 60 minutes of machine time. "

personally, i would do this until you figure things out. but, you may consider figuring out why your bit broke (speeds and feeds?), or ou might be back in the same boat again...
Welcome to the forum, @Michael-CNC
Welcome to the forum.
Thank you for the welcome! @TimPa -- I'm glad you agree with how I opted to proceed. I'm seeking alternatives other than what I outlined. What do you guys use to control a CNC machine from a desktop?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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