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bad day in the shop

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Starting new project. Worked yesterday in real cold weather. Just to cut parts for a wishing well build. Parts ready for assembly. Started assembly found angle on miter gauge was wrong. All that work for nothing. I went under the assumption that last setup was for an 8 segment octagon .
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Hey Gary don't worry about it, that is the normal for me. I am not kidding. :|
Sounds like regular life to me as well. Trying to rescue some expensive frame material by putting a half inch strip of purple heart around the inside perimeter of the frame. Could NOT manage to cut the strips even, and couldn't find any additional stock without heading 60 miles down the hill. Wasted many hours searching. I swear I saw some in a bin at HD.
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Purple Heart at HD, Dreamer?
McClendon Hardware has it, surprised me too.
I have come to believe as I have aged that true craftsmanship is the ability to fix your screwups so they look like they were part of the intended design.
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I swear I saw a box of thin stock there that had some purple heart in it. But I couldn't even find the box! I'm heading down to Rockler Saturday and will pick some up. Then I can finish up the project. I have a backup plan, but the painting and frame cry out for purple heart.
Gary, I do everything a bare minimum of three times before I get it right. So your doing ok in my books lol

Sh.t happens.

Measure twice , cut once.

The one who whistles at marking ,
cries at assembling.

(Free translation of french:
"Celui qui siffle au traçage, pleure au montage".)

Could appends to everyone.
The positive side of it:
Now you got some pieces to make something different.

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I had only cut half of the ruff cut pieces to opposing angles. I have triple checked my miter gauge for 22.5 degree. Ready to cut the rest of the parts.
Readjust and make it a tad smaller with the new cuts. No one but you will know.
Whew.... your definition of a 'bad day' and mine are much different. Messing up a project is a 'normal day' in my parts. Having a hemoglobin leak as a result of stupidity or distraction is a 'bad day.'

Glad your bad day wasn't that kind of bad day! As for the frustrating part, been there and done that too often. Just like my golf game, I may not be the best player off of the tee, but when it comes to playing recovery shots out of the rough, I'm a master. In the end, the results are surprising similar on the scorecard, I just take a scenic route.
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