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bandsaw blades

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is there an appreciably difference between a Timber Wolf blade & a Lenox blade for woodworking---from experience

80 in x1/2 3 tpi

Can get the Timber Wolf for about $20+ per blade & the Lenox for about $15 per
shipping about equal

Talking standard teeth not carbide

Life of blade & quality of cut

currently the saw does not have drift---I must have lucked into that

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Smitty I can't say about the Lenox but the Timber Wolf blades has got a very good reputation. TW is what I use but what I use isn't worth all that much. :laugh2:
I am pretty happy with the Lenox blades I have bought and used. I have about 5 Lenox blades all sizes. I am not a heavy user.
heavy user....
prefer the TW's over the Lenox...
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I haven't used Lenox, but have and use a Timberwolf. Timberwolf is great for resawing where you want to get as much out of the board as possible. Timbewolf doesn't have a "set" so finish on both sides of the cut is really clean and flat. No need to go to the planer after resaw.

My experience is that Timberwolf cuts slower than some other blades with a set that are more aggressive. If I have a lot to resaw and can afford to lose some thickness in the planer then I change the blade.

Lenox is a well respected brand.

I have an old Minmax 450 mm bandsaw and Woodcraft does not carry my size so TW is out for me. I need 11' 11" blades which I special order.
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See my comment on the "Rick's bandsaw" thread. To sum it up as far as I'm concerned you can keep the Timber Wolf blade.
I generally buy my Timber Wolf blades on Amazon Prime, so no shipping charges, which means both blades cost about the same delivered. I find the Lennox website a bit confusing, so although a respected fabricator, I'll stick with the TW. Lennox does a great job with custom blades though, You could probably order one 19feet, seven and 3/16ths and they'd make it (exaggeration), and you'd have your choice of metals and treatments.

One thing I always do with a new blade is roundover the back with an abrasive stone on a stick. Makes most blades run smoother and they make turns a little easier. Occasionally I get a blade with a little bead on the back of the weld that makes a Tic everytime it goes around. The stone eliminates that. About #13 bucks.


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All of my blades are Timberwolf except for a 1/2 resaw blade which is a Woodslicer. +1 on Tom's suggestion. I have the same finishing stone and I rounded over the back of all of my blades. It did make a difference. I never used Lenox so I can't comment on them.
Light user...Just switched to TW from WoodSlicer. So far am pleased with TW. TO me WoodSlicer dulled on the quick side.
I order my blades from these guys. I like them. They have Lenox blades and real easy to work with. If you order 5 blades you get free shipping and no tax. They seem to know their stuff.
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