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Hi there Fraternity,

Just a short one. If you have read any of my previous mails you will have ascertained that since retirement it has been increasingly difficult to stay alive.
You talking about you, or me? Been there, done that, still doing that at time. Among other things, I have grown kids, grandkids, and I think they cost me more now then when they were growing up. But, I have coffee, milk for my coffee, Scooby Doo snacks, a 24/7 cartoon network, a working toilet, AND toilet paper. Life could definitely be worse.

Nice job on the fence. I always try to make my own stuff rather than buy, that way you don't feel bad about modifying them, and usually wind up with something that is what 'I' want/need, rather than what someone else thinks I want/need.

Wood. I am thinking you have craigslist there. If so, check it for free wood. Amazing at the quality of wood you can get that way, and if you can't use it, you can always make a bonfire out of it. Pallets here are very often free, just for picking them up. Depending on where they originated from, you can get run of the mill wood, or exotic wood. Some are usable, some not, again, you can always burn what isn't suitable. Ask. Sometime people want to get rid of wood from a project, or whatever, and will just dump it.

My back is bad enough I can't bend down and tie shoes within a reasonable length of time, and without considerable pain. So, got new shoes, removed the laces, and used Titebond II wood glue to glue two wide strips of blue jean material across them, creating slip on shoes. Worked great. Have to buy new shoes now, because one is coming apart at the sole. I use titebond to patch holes in jackets, pants, shirts, the same way. Plenty strong, just don't pull at it when it comes out of the washer, just toss it in the dryer.

Oh yes, if you need a cane, or ever do, make your own. I started when I left my first two or three canes on top of my vehicle while I was loading it, forgot the cane, drove off. Lost a few more, found a few of them, then started putting the cane in first, not lost any canes since, but still enjoy making them.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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