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Hi there Fraternity,

Just a short one. If you have read any of my previous mails you will have ascertained that since retirement it has been increasingly difficult to stay alive.

My good wife sees my woodworking hobby as a winter sport to be enjoyed in temperatures enjoyed by the Korean winter Olympic athletes. As I stand in my workshop it’s difficult to conjure up comparisons, but I digress.

If you have read any of my previous correspondence you will be aware of my dire financial situation, being a poor retired plumber, and as such, anything I desire workshop related must pass a series of delicate mental arbitration as to how convince the company CEO, treasurer and accountant that it’s something that is essential, and not desirable. By the way the company hierarchy, if you haven’t figured it out is just one person, and it employs just one unpaid worker.

Now to save money on wood I thought it would be better to purchase wider sections of timber and try to re saw them up the middle, but my band saw fence is not tall enough. So, raked about and ended up with and old piece of kitchen cabinet carcass and a table saw sledge I bought years ago for cutting mortise and Tenon joints but never used.

In the end it worked out ok. I would have preferred the height to be a little more, but that’s what I had. When I initially did a dry run, there was a wobble on it, when I tightened it up to the fence I could not slide it. So, decided to make a clamp that would press on to the back of the fence without damaging it, hence the large surface area disc. I also figured out that the back plate the clamp was attached to might deflect out while clamping so fitted the cast iron retainer to keep it from curving out when I tighten.

Result is surprisingly, it worked a treat. Because it’s laminate it glides back and forth with ease, and with a couple of turns on the screw it clamps in position. I might in the future edge band it.

Cost was nothing, which brings a smile to my CEO’s face.

Now I know many of you out there will be sniggering at my predicament. But just this week as I walked through the kitchen my wife asked, what’s that noise, what noise I enquired, that clip clop noise. Oh, that’s it’s my house slippers, the front sole has come loose. That’s really annoying she reiterated. (My mind reeled with sarcastic replies which never reached my mouth) I know, maybe I should get a new pair I hopefully enquired. Now you’r being silly she returned and started to rifle through a kitchen drawer. Ah she said and handed me a tube of super glue.

The last photo is my efforts, which were somewhat successful. I didn’t use the whole tube as my other foot is starting to smile at me.

I often tell my wife that I don’t deserve her. Someone else does.



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