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Bandsaw Resaw Carriage

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A 60" by 16" 3/4" plywood support with a 1x3" cleat screwed to the bottom is all there is to it. The cleat rides against the edge of the table, you have to keep it preesed in toward the blade. The log/ cant is placed on top after being flattened on the jointer and is held down securely by hand or a jig and the whole platform fed past the blade, leaving the off fall or cut off at the desired thickness. A little silicon helps overcome the "stickshun" issue. The platform is supported by roller stands at the infeed and outfeed ends.:D Bill


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This is an economical way to turn what may have become firewood into small stock for router projects. The piece on the carriage is "Spalted Maple" found along side my road here in Michigan. I did not realize what I had until I made the first chan saw cut move it off the road, then my eyes lit up and and I went home, got the trailer and filled the truck with 3-4 ft lengths. Very heavy, but well worth it. I then had to quarter the logs with a chain saw into pieces small enough and light enough to resaw with the carriage. Anyone can make this device, it's that simple. Some may find ways to improve upon it as well. Let me know you successes! Bill
In time I would like to be able to do that myself, get some large logs andcut with the chainsaw (I have that, a Stihl 360) the band saw is still needed. I know Pertersenj20 does that to some degree.
Looks like it works good for you Bill.
nice, i put small bearing in the miter bar and on the out side of the sled , makes the push much easier
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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