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Banner Brackets

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Here's a recent project that I thought I'd share.
Im usually cutting the same old ACR/ALU/Dibond it's
monotonous until we get a good challenge.

My job just took on special banner brackets.
These brackets need to match or be similar to what
they have already on the walls.

They are to hold 67"w x 180" mesh banners.
3 brackets per top / bottom so... 36 brackets

Within the 2" poles will be the banner sized for the span.
The hex coupler nuts on the poles will accept 3/8-16 x 2" bolts.
The bolts will go thru a 3/8" washer (not shown) that will rest in
the front routed area of the bracket. There is enough clearance
for tension.

An aluminum template was made, pre-spaced for installation (not shown).
Building the jig was made from PVC, trade names Sintra, Komacel etc.
1"th usually makes a good jig. Once that skin is broken it gets weak.
It held up real well tho and put away incase we have to do more.

Crappers! I didnt get to show the end caps. They were 1/2"th and
fit within the pole ends and held by grub screws.

Multicam 3000 was the router and handled the job quite well.
It's an all vac table (20hp) no clamps so I had to use the vac.
It has LDF and I usually pop in 1" screws for an extra hold.

Was able to get just about everything cut within the day.
Bits used: Onsrud 63-606 / 63-618 / 63-622 / 63-626 O flute for Alum.

As for the pole slots and the sharp edges.... Shaviv!
SHAVIV 29066 Classic SHAVIV Deburring Kit B With Aluminum Handle A
It even reached the inside edge cut

This is a life saver. We've had junkie ones before, stay away from the plastic type.

The brackets were sent off to the powder coater and should be back Tuesday.
I should get more pics as well as the others from another camera.

Thats it a nut shell for today.


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Nice job, Ronnie. Lucky you had your pal, Shaviv, to help! ;)
Neat!!! One of these days I'm going to try something complicated like that. Not ready just yet though.
Nice work. I bought a deburring tool like this General one years ago. If you are drilling metal it's a great tool to have. It can at least save a lot of metal slivers from winding up in your fingers.
Well done. Thanks for posting. Always nice to see unusual uses of a CNC.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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