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Bar Clamp Modification

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I am currently taking meds. that cause thin skin and easy bruising. I hate the stuff but I have no other choice if I want to stay alive.
Anyhow, every time I do a glue up, I end up scraping my arms on the tail end of my clamp bars. Not a pretty sight when blood starts falling on bare wood that you have worked hours on.
I decided to find a way to cure the problem, out side of staying out of the shop. (Not gonna happen). I went to the box store and bought some plastic kote dip. I've used this stuff before and it does a great job. I dipped all my bar clamps to about 1/2"-3/4"s. Worked great.
I will wait the appropriate amount of time and re-dip. FYI, this stuff will harden in the can rapidly once the seal is broken, so if you have tools that need rubber insulation, that would be the time to do them also. I've never had it last more than a week when opened.
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Do you mean bar clamps or parallel clamps? An easy solution would be to use old tennis balls - make a slit in them and slip them over the end.
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