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Barn Hay loft shop

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Its, kind of small, not enough room for all the machine's without having to pull them in and out. Thank goodness for forklifts, can't really afford a good building, so we make it work. Working area is about 35' wide and 80' long, the only nice thing about it is high ceilings in the middle. :) Make shift dust collection, we just pump the dust and shavings outside, nearest neighbor is three quarters of a mile a way. Only good for about 7 months out of the year, so we built an 800 square foot shop on the end of the barn for winter tinkering. It's all about good times right?

Here is the space we had to work with. :-(

Wood Tints and shades Midnight City Building

Wood Industry Engineering Beam Machine

Table Wood Beam Machine Engineering

Table Saw is a Grizzly 3 horse 10" with a 102" biesemeyer fence and a 10'x12' out feed table, nice for plywood.

Wood Table Engineering Desk Field house

Chop Saw has a 16' material support on both sides of the saw with a biesemeyer slide stop on the left hand side. Makes it nicer for those long pieces.

Wood Beam Engineering Hardwood Machine

Sheet stock storage area, never big enough. :)

Wood Machine Industry Building Metal

Yes I know it's a mess, but I guess that mean your gettin er done. LOL :)
Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. If you would like to see pics of the small winter shop build; just let me know.

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It's bigger than my house, and still too small.....LOL.....
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What a find. Going to insulate and put drywall up in the winterized area?
What a find. Going to insulate and put drywall up in the winterized area?
My kids might some day, the older I get things seem less important, lol Time is running out and the 50 projects of 10 years ago are now down one may two. 🕚;)
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