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Base shape

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Newbie here with the first of many questions. Why is my Skil router base shaped like a letter "D". I originaly thought the flat side would be for running against a flat guide but quickly found out that if you rotate the router ever so slightly the cut is no longer i a straight line. What is the purpose of the flat edge of the base then?

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Welcome Dave!

It sounds to me like the router is not centered in the sub-base. When you buy a router is not uncommon for it to need a little adjusting. The sub-base is the very bottom piece on the router, often black in color and is mounted with 3 or so screws to the base of the router. What you may need to do is loosen the screws and adjust the sub-base so it is centered on the router.

Some routers come with a tool to do this, it mounts in the router just like a bit would and then has a cone shape that forces the loosened sub-base to move into a centered position.... then you secure the sub-base. Another way is with an insert that fits in the opening of the sub-base and it has a hole that aligns to a shaft mounted in place of a bit...... I'm not sure what Skil would have...... anyone know?

You do have the right idea as far as the flat side running against a guide.... that is how it should work.

Hi Wilbour:
The flat side of the base is for guiding against a straight edge. However, you must use the straight based on the direction of feed so that the rotation of the bit forces the router against the guide, otherwise you'll be fighting the router while making the cut.
Take some scrap and use the edge guide, and check the rotation of the bit. It will work in only one direction, try pushing the router away from you as you make the cut then try pulling the router towards you making a cut you'll see a difference.
hope this helps.. Woodnut65

Thanks for the advise. What made me ask was the diagram in the (small) manual shows the opperator using the round edge of the base when following a guide fence and not the flat edge. This makes a differance when measuing the distance from the bit to the guide fence. Do most opperators us the flat edge or is this something realtively new to router bases?

I agree that the flat side was designed to be used against something straight. A very important thing is to be consistant,always use the same side against a straight edge. Some people with round base routers affix a star,circle,(something easily seen) to the base and always put that edge against a straight edge. Sorry to be so wordy

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