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Welcome Dave!

It sounds to me like the router is not centered in the sub-base. When you buy a router is not uncommon for it to need a little adjusting. The sub-base is the very bottom piece on the router, often black in color and is mounted with 3 or so screws to the base of the router. What you may need to do is loosen the screws and adjust the sub-base so it is centered on the router.

Some routers come with a tool to do this, it mounts in the router just like a bit would and then has a cone shape that forces the loosened sub-base to move into a centered position.... then you secure the sub-base. Another way is with an insert that fits in the opening of the sub-base and it has a hole that aligns to a shaft mounted in place of a bit...... I'm not sure what Skil would have...... anyone know?

You do have the right idea as far as the flat side running against a guide.... that is how it should work.

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