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Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

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The client for this vanity was very frustrated when they came to me. They were wanting to renovate their bathroom & just couldn't find a vanity that would fit in the space they had. Their house was older & as was typical for houses in Winnipeg built in that era, bathrooms were 5'x8' with a tub, toilet, and sink crowded in. All the vanities they could find, in a style they liked were sized for a modern house, too big for their needs.
They had found an antique vanity that looked like what they wanted, also too big, but they wanted to know if I could cut it down to the size they needed. I went to the shop where they had found it to check it out. That 'antique vanity' was actually an old dresser that had water damage. The top was gone and the 2 bottom drawers were replaced with 2 doors salvaged from something else after the interior had been cleaned up a bit. Talk about wanting to change a sow's ear into a silk purse.
I explained to the client that I could do what they wanted, but that neither of us would be happy with the results. But, that I could build a brand new vanity for $100 less then the total cost of the other one.
I made the leaded glass panels from a couple panes I had salvaged from a china cabinet. I was able to keep the beveled edges, so that made a really nice touch.
The lady was so pleased with the results, that when I delivered it, she cried.


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Very nice work Paul, and way above my ability
You did a great job,Paul. I love the finish of the oak too. Is this a sink cabinet, and is the top front face a faux drawer?
Very nice work Paul, and way above my ability
That's my response too - you did what we wish we all could do. Make the customer cry! Congrats!
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Beautiful should be proud that you gave your customer what she wanted and at a lower price.

Bet it felt good to have done her right...good for you...!
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Too nice to be hidden in the bathroom, Paul!
Man that is nice. Glass front cabinets are beautiful to start with, but you've taken it to a higher level. Great work Paul. That was 2010, and you've almost certainly gotten better since then.
you've got serious talent Paul...
Beautiful cabinet indeed. Being in the most humid room in the house what finish do you sue to protect the wood?
You have good taste in style and good skills for execution.
Steve, Most of my work is done in sprayed lacquer. I don't do much finishing myself. There is no outside ventilation in my basement shop, so to promote household harmony about all I can do for myself is outside when weather permits.
The biggest problem i have right now is that my regular finisher has retired & I don't trust just anyone to work on what I have built. I walked out on one prospect when wanted to go over the whole piece with 120 grit because 'I had sanded it too smooth'. Of course, that would have destroyed all the fine detail I had put into the piece. Paul
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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