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The tools below will make a quick job of what you want to do at the right price.
I like to use the 1st, item on the list below,it's quick and easy but some times the item you are working can't take the blow so you need to use the 2nd item below.

Corner Chisel

Cabinetmaker Chisel

Bj :)


New To The Routing World And I Am Having A Ball. One Item Continues To Stump Me. Squaring Mortices. I Have Tried Chisels, Exacto Knives And Still Can Not Get An Acceptable Outcome. Uneven, Not A Good Fit With The Tenon And Etc. I Know Som Prefer To Round The Tenon But I Like The Square Look For A Majority Of My Work. Any Suggestions???
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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