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bear faced cheek

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I made the bear as a straight faced bandsaw box, but the mrs got involved with the artistic interpretation.
now i got a bear that smirks at me when i walk past.
the main body is rosewood, with a maple face, and all the twiddly bits are zebrano.
Stands (oops, sits) 10" high.


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That is really cool . Outstanding work as always a Bob
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Every box you make gets more creative than the last, Bob. I really like the animal designs you have been making.
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They are quite a journey. I start with a basic design, but then as I get close to finishing i just feel that more detail is needed, and more, and more. Time I finish its taken about three times as long as the original idea called for.

Since having problems with the heat affecting the wipe on poly, I now cool the varnish and white spirit down to 10c (50f) overnight, and the put the box in the air con bedroom (26c -78f). Then the wipe on goes on like water. and shines really well.
You can see in the bottom pic how shiny the body is, but in that pic the nose had not been coated so thats the bare wood.
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See, you don't have to have button eyes. Real good job, and the Zebra really stands out.
Really charming little guy. Clever way to make a box for a kid, or a kid at heart.
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Really charming little guy. Clever way to make a box for a kid, or a kid at heart.
hey, how come you know my mrs?:wink:
Don't worry about the smile. Remember the Mona Lisa? In centuries to come, you will be famous. That is a cute box, BTW.
Edit- Or there is something underlying the smirk?
Very nice, Bob. Lucky that his bellybutton is an 'outie' or you wouldn't get the middle drawer open. ;)
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Very nice work, as usual, Bob! What species of Rosewood is that?


With your abilities, patience, and limited access to space and bulk materials, you try your hand at intarsia. Betcha you could you could really come up with some cool stuff, and use all the wood right down to the trimmings and dust.
Beautiful as always Bob.
sorry, been away for 3 days and I dont "do" internet when I'm away.

David, cant identify actual species. sorry. i walk up and down the aisles and buy what I want and the receipt says "rosewood"
I do know its not indian, because I have bought that before and its very dark brown almost walnut, and its not bubinga because thats very bright red, but thats all the info I have. Its quite a flat dark brown in plank form, but goes a lovely chocolate brown with clear gloss varnish over it.

John, no. I had a scroll saw for several years, taking up space. I made a serious try twice to do something on it. Complete and utter failure. I was cursing and breaking things up within minutes of trying to start to cut a straight line. I have great respect for people that can do it, but I dont have the patience for miniature cutting and was very glad to see it go.
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Simply beautiful Bob.
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