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Bearings for BOSCH 19054 Router

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I am seeking replacement bearings for this BOSCH router 19054 but neither; nor NACHI bearings have any reference to these parts. The factory installed bearings are

1)The large bearing near the cutter end is a NACHI “SR-12” width= 1 5/8” bore = 19mm; depth= 7/16”

2) The smaller bearing is NACHI BC 008L; width=24mm; bore=8mm; depth = 13/32”

Can anyone suggest where I can obtain replacement bearings for this router

Dennis Waller
[email protected]
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where are you located N/A...

you have MM bearings...
conversion doesn't work...
Bearings are best purchased from bearing supply houses. You will get better bearings at lower prices. Look for bearing supply and power transmission stores in your area, or search for your bearing numbers through Google. Even Fastenal carries a good variety here in the US, but we can't help you more without knowing more about you and where you are located.

A first name would help too. Go to "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner and tell us a bit about you. Adding your name there will make is show in the box to the left of your post too. We already have too many N/a members.

Bearings from well-known brands are typically well-made. It is a small price to pay rather than compromising by settling for less. You can always look up reviews online using keywords like “the best bearings” to pick the perfect one.
Check eBay. You probably won't see the size listed anywhere but ask a bearing vendor.
Crap, I didn't notice the date, two year old thread.
Crap, I didn't notice the date, two year old thread.
We all fall for that trap, every now and then...
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