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This is my version of Christian Becksvoort's music stand number 4. I wanted to make a music stand for my wife and daughters for Xmas. I searched for ideas and came across a single image of his stand. I made a mock up out of scraps to figure out the angles. In the end, I think I got lucky that it doesn't fall over when anything heavier than a sheet of music is on it. The compound angle on the foot almost broke my brain. I tried every calculation. The leg and front piece were at 10 degree slants meeting at 60 degrees. In the end, I hand sawed it close then used planes to bring it in to flush. A simple enough looking project at the start that really tested my patience by the end. It raises from 26" to 40" at the base. I made from a single board of bird's eye maple and walnut. I cut the through tenon mortise on my Al Thayer horizontal router machine that I learned about on this site. Love that machine.


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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