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Welcome to the forum. There are some very good bits and there are some that are just plain trash and won't last. MCLS is just outside of Philadelphia and has a showroom if you live nearby it may be worth a trip. While my best go to bits are either Whiteside or Freud they do have some decent sets that you can get at a decent discount for such things as dinged doors, loose hinges. etc... The boxes aren't high quality but that's OK. They will hang on the wall and display the bits just fine. Out of the set I've used maybe 5 or 6 and the set has 66 bits. I got it at a steal of a price for defective return (case) but don't remember the actual price but way less then 50% off. In person lets you see the actual set and then you kind of decide if it's worth it. If there are say 10 bits you would use but not so often then it's a decent deal but then again you need to decide. I don't regret getting mine as some are more seldom used but get enough use to justify.

Whiteside and Freud do have some basic sets but again you need to decide what you will be doing and if it's all handheld then that narrows the choice. Some bits should only be used in a router table, one of the things you may want to give some thought to building or buying.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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