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Bench dog router table mounted to Saw stop contractor saw -- how to mount switch

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I just got a saw stop contractor saw and am moving my bench dog table to it, on the left side.
The bench dog table blocks the mounting holes for the saw stop on/off switch.
I saw someone on here had the same setup, I am wondering how they mount the saw's switch.


Nick P.
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Photos will probably help get responses.
G'day @nickpreiser , welcome to the forum...
Would you like to introduce yourself in the "Introductions" section, so we can understand a bit more about your router uses?
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome. Thinking back, most of the router add ons have been on the right side, not the left because there is less likelihood it will interfere with the blade. I generally like my onoff paddle switch right in front of my left thigh so I can just bump it and keep both hands on the work..

I have a different say and don't recall how the SawStop switch is attached. A couple of pictures of the present mounting location and where you want it to go would be helpful.
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