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Benchtop template

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Does anyone know of a dovetail template that cna be used with a bench router?
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Bob and Rick's box joint jig can be used to cut 3/8" dovetails, instructions are included. You can view it here:
Do you mean a table mounted router ?. The spacer fences are not what you need to make dovetails for joining the corners on boxes ,drawers etc.

Jerry, The video tape that comes with the spacer fences includes directions for making 3/8" dovetails using one of the jigs.
If you actualy watch the tape you will see that it describes making sliding dovetails or dovetail splices. It can not be used to make the joints that connect two pieces of wood at 90 degrees,such as a drawer or box. this is the second time you have corrected me and you were wrong both times.

jerry mayfield
The Katie jig can be used in a table (I think) , or if you get the Dovetail Template Master from stots, you can make your own table mounted one or a traditional jig.
Hi Ivaral;
Frank here. I fouond a free down load for router templates that are designed for the Incra jig, but with a bit of imagination you can make a jig that will give unlimited styles for dovetails. Also on the "workshop" demos " site the person is demonstrating a way to use your table to make through dovetails without the expensive templates it's kind of hard to describe, but the directions are very clear shown on the site. I clicked on Incra and he shows several ways to use the template system. I downloaded the free template maker, by going to free template maker by crestline.
Frank, E-mail Address removed
let me know what you are able to find out, or if I can help in any way
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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