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What would be the best dovetail jig to buy? I know most of you have jigs that you bought that would of been best manufactured as a paperweight (like the crapsman model I got off of ebay) and others are easier to set up w/o a ton of tweaking every time you change the set up.
I just got my router and this is one of the main reasons why I purchased it. The Market is loaded with them from 19.99 - 700.00.
Thank you for your opinions.

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Thank you much-- This is exactly the comment that I was looking for!! I looked at the incra and the porter cable 4212/4216-- but you are just limited to drawers it seems. As you stated the Incra can do ALOT of different types of dovetails. Thank you very much to EVERYONE that chimed in!!

Drugstore Cowboy said:
I've always liked dovetailed drawers for a lot of reasons --
-- none of which included anything I was told I 'had' to do in some mag.:)

Totally agree with Mike that you can make good quality drawers and boxes a lot of different ways -- because I have ---

But -- I always wanted to do dovetails -- so
Finally Bought my first jig last year -
Rockler's basic 'blue' jig.

I have nothing to compare it to -- but I can say as a first time user -
once I made a point to read and follow the directions -
I had no trouble getting very 'decent' results.
I suspect any lack of quality was a result of my lack of practice more than any deficiency in the tool.
I will say this - by the time I went back and bought the optional template for through dovetails -- I could have bought the newer model jig.

I looked at the Incra system while I was shopping and the guy at Rockler made a good point. The Incra system does do a LOT of things GREAT.
But -- if all you want to do is dovetail drawers - and a lot of them
- a dedicated jig is probably quicker.

At the time that was my need -- so I went with the dovetail jig.
But I am very interested in going back sometime and getting the Incra.

Bottom line to me ---
Unfortunately -- there is no one right answer.
Figure out what all you need to do --- compare all the options -- and see what fits your needs best.
Be careful about buying anything too limited just to save money -
- you will just wind up spending more in the long run.
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