Computer-aided design (CAD) software is for more than just creating designs, you can use it to modify, analyze and improve existing ones as well. CAD can improve the designer’s productivity as it makes it easier to produce high-quality designs, communicate through documentation, and it allows designers to compile what they’ve created into one location which can make for easier accessibility. One of the more popular types of CAD software is AutoCAD which was created by Autodesk.

OK, so CAD sounds like it’s worth learning how to do, but some of you may be wondering, where exactly do you learn how to do it? Well, there’s actually plenty of places that you can learn this skill. There are technical schools, hobby shops and trade schools just to name a few. But let’s say that for whatever reason, you aren’t able to use one of these resources. Fair enough, there are plenty of places that you can learn CAD online too. is a Linkedin affiliated website that can help anyone learn business, how to use different types of software and other technologies to improve themselves. For over 20 years, has been helping people gain many different types of skills and CAD (more specifically AutoCAD) is, of course, one of them. You can learn how to make 3D designs, share and collaborate on them and create blueprints as well. You can sign up for a month’s free trial, and then from there, you can pay $29.99.


On Cadalyst, you can find both CAD and AutoCAD software tutorials and other training tools. They have compiled lists of tips and tricks, white papers, case studies and many more resources that you can access for free. If you learn better with visual aids, they have a large assortment of videos that you can watch to better learn how to use CAD/AutoCAD software.


MyCADSite is another free resource for learning how to use AutoCAD. It’s been around since 1999 and always has regularly updated content for users to browse through and learn. If you’d like to get started, you can head over to the website and download the free trial of AutoCAD. The site has a plethora of AutoCAD videos that you can review at your own pace alongside the tutorials to learn how to use AutoCAD effectively.


CADDTrain provides you with CAD and building information modeling (BIM) training that can help you learn and master each program quickly. There are no strict schedules to follow, so you can log in and take lessons whenever it’s convenient for you. Like many other CAD training programs, it offers training in AutoCAD, but you can also take the Revit Training Courses for the Revit Architecture BIM software.

Knowing how to use CAD/AutoCAD can be extremely useful to you in many different fields of work. Woodworking, engineering, interior design, architecture; all of these are jobs in which CAD can be incredibly useful. Even if you just use it as a hobby, that’s fine, too. CAD training can come in handy in various different ways. If any of you out there know of any other CAD training tools, you’re more than welcome to share them in the comments below!