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Best router bits for PVC project

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I am new to routing. My first project is to cut a dado in a Azek trim board. Azek literature says to use a straight bit that is carbide tipped. Is there a specific carbide tipped bit that anyone on the forum would recommend? Thanks!
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Hello and welcome to the router forum
Numerous companies can supply you Amana , Whiteside, Freud, are some
Best bit for plastics is single flute bits. Some times call an O flute. Frued has several. Search for O flute spiral bit.
PVC routes fine with just about any bit.
Welcome to the forum @Virginia Traveler
Welcome to the forum fellow Virginian. Several things come to mind and router speed and feed rate can make a difference on the materials you're cutting. Make sure to look at feed rate and bit speed to prevent burn or softening of the material.
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Welcome to the forum.
I would think any carbide straight router bit should work. PVC is pretty easy to route. It is messy though because of static the chips stick to everything Here is a set at Home depot that is fairly reasonable. RYOBI Straight Router Bit Set (5-Piece)-A25RS51 - The Home Depot just watch your feed speed and depth of cut. You don't want to move to slow in plastics or it will melt. Try cutting some daddos in a scrap piece first if possible in order to get a feel for it.
The biggest thing with PVC is speed. You can't stop or you melt. When we were cutting CNC parts for bar carts we used a V groove bit. One rule, Don't stop till its done. These parts after being cut with a thin line of glue and folded up became waterproof parts for the cart. Last I hear his business is in the toilet with the virus as well..tough breaks...

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Welcome to the Router Forums. Azek is a composite building material and they recommend using standard woodworking tools to cut and machine it. So any standard straight bit could be used.
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