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My first routers came from Sears too . They wernt bad but they wern't good either.
My first upgrade was a 3 1/2 HP Makita plunge. The thing was a disaster. Rough running, lously balance tons of noise and across the line start. I actuall had to buy a speed control box fron Penn State just to use the darn thind.
The repalcer is a Hitachi 3.5 HP plunge. I like it a bunch. About 12 years old at this point but still a champ.
Variable speed, soft start, smooth and quiet as far as routers go.
My only complaint is some knucklehead designed it with the power cord exat right there next to the plunge screw. I have to wrestle with that darn cord every time I want to twist that screw..
Recently I bought a Bosch palm router, not what you are looking for but that thing id sure sweet.
Lastly check out this guy does a pretty good router review of 10 brands of palm routers. . His review was the reason I bought the Bosch palm not what you are looking for but he has a bunch of router stuff on the tube.
Here is the link to get you started
mike c .
1 - 1 of 29 Posts