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Best router for a DYI Woodworker

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Hey all. Looking for a new router for a wood worker just barely past a DYI guy. I had a "commercial grade" Craftsman, but it literally blew up in my face... sparks flying and all. and there is no replacement parts for it (just barely 10 years old). I bought it at Sears (remember that store?).

So, I'm looking for a new version that will have the parts available for a while. If it lasts 10 years, thats great (they wont let me have a router in the Home I'm guessing). Would like to have a 1/2" with 2 or 3 bases (including a single hand, plunge and two handed bases) and collets for 1/8 and 1/2" shanks.

This "band of router bros" is the perfect folks to ask. What would you recommend for a reasonably priced router "kit"?

Not sure if Santa will bring it or i will just buy it now.
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screw design and ring around
America screw threads are based on TPI (threads per inch). So if screw is16tpi, turning ring 16 times gives exactly 1 inch. So the ring design is a superior design for people using inches.
In metric countries, their screw thread is based on x.y mm per turn. So Bosch and Makita etc cannot use the ring height adjustment design as used by many American designed routers.
Bosch uses 1.6mm threads screw for their presumably "Amercan models". Turn the knob 16 times and you get 25.6mm which is NOT exactly 1" (25.4mm). Turn the know twice won't give you 1/8". It is NOT precise.

The dust chutes design of the Dewalt. routers are also superior to Bosch.

(many years ago, I was warned by a moderator of this forum to never criticise Bosch. So stayed away for years).
All tools have defects or something you may or may not like..
I'm a Bosch 1617 fan too... love mine. I haven't tried a Dewalt though. If shopping don't forget to consider Makita.
I’m going to pull the other Dewalt out of the table saw and try it in the plunge phase and see if it improves or the same. Bosch has had many, many routers. It’s not hard to find something to like..
Dewalt has better dust collection. Fine Hardwood Dust is TOXIC
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Never used the DC on a router, wouldn’t know. Toxic?
Triton has a great dust collection setup....
Yeah, another Bosch 1617 fan. I have an older model kit with both the fixed and plunge base an a couple of accessories. Most of the time I run it in my router table but it's an easy set up for plunge routing. For the table, i also bought the Bosch but I wouldn't recommend it. There are better ones out there if you need one.
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Jim, I was wondering, what router did you end up going with and how does it meet your expectations?
Also, in terms of comfortable grips, the most comfortable trim router I have ever used is the Bosch GKF12V-25. The design seems weird at first, but it's a natural fit in your palm.
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