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Betterley cove router

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I am trying to restore a betterley cove router. I am looking for the dust brushes and the dust collector tubing holder and this router is done. Haven't had any luck. Anyone have an idea or a place to start? Thanks.
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Have you checked with Betterly to see if spares are available?
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welcome to the forum, Tundra.
on odd projects such as this we like to see photos of the process you are going through. sounds pretty interesting.
I've never heard of it before so I googled it and it is pretty different from anything I've ever seen.
I did see one photo of the dust collection accessory kit - - - - - is this it ?
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If you have a model 210-A or AG21-A this will work Coving Router Dust Extraction Upgrade
Have seen one pf those in years. We used a machine for backs at the solid surface plant.
What parts are available will depend on what version you have of the router. They appear to have just updated the design again, so parts for the older ones may be limited. I have always had great customer service from Betterley. I would suggest you give them a call, I am sure they can help you out.
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Welcome to the forum @karp13
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