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Bill Hamilton

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I am fairly new to using a router for all the aplications I see on Tv. I have built 3 heirloom baby cradles for 2 grandchildren and one other baby. I am intersted in making toys and small boxes and have a few ideas I an going to try. I am also going to make some music boxes with the boxes that I will make. I have a very small work shop just aproximatly 12' by 16' and I probaly have too many tools in the room. I also have a shopsmith that I used a lot to make the cradles. My aunt and uncle used to make a toy train that was quite large and they sold them accross the United States and I was intersted in finding any plans if anybody might know where to find them. That is probably the only question I have at this time.
Thank you
Bill Hamilton
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Hello bill,

welcome to the forums!
Hi Bill,

Glad to have you with us!

I too am a shopsmith owner and user, if you have not already done so check out:

Your shop sound a lot like mine too...

Hello Bill and welcome to the forums. How detailed were the trains your Aunt & Uncle used to make?

the "Doctor"
Welcome Bill. You can find train plans at:
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