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Bill Hylton's Router Lathe Design

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I read the thread about a router lathe started by Neal in tools and woodworking, which got me thinking about another router lathe design. In Hylton's book Router Magic there is a chapter on making a router lathe. Has anyone on the forum made and used it? How well did it work?

A. C.
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I built the simpler one and it works great. I have accumulated most of the hardware for his geared version. It's build is on the list.
I used his and various other ideas to design one. It functions as a large capacity lathe(10"dia.x108" length), a large capacity mortise machine(24"x96"bed, 14" vertical stroke), a large capacity drill press(24"x 96"bed, 14" vertical stroke), and sawmill to boot. You can e-mail me for more pics and info PM me

Hands, Head and Heart(mostly hands)


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That's an awesomely versatile rig, Brian. Well done.
Great design and execution. Above my pay grade, and I can see how someone with lumber sources would make really good use of this rig.
Hi, Brian.
That is an amazing machine!!!
Where you have keeping it hidden?
For the past three years I've been knee deep in sawdust building log furniture. I'm not trying to market the machine. To many
legal issues involved. It would be hard to patent and develop the machine because of different manufacturers tools mounted to
it, and the liability issues would be horrendous. I copyrighted my blueprints and plans and offer a lease to build from my plans. I
am much better protected legally and no F#$&N lawyers had to be involved.

Hands, Head and Heart(mostly hands)
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I used his and various other ideas to design one.
Very nice work & great design Brian!

It's probably a good thing my garage is already too full as it is, I could see myself building something like that if I had the room.

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