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I have a lot of tear out using pine when I dovetail, Tom. Tail pin bits are not kind to softwoods. It’s aggravating but Rock Hard comes to the rescue. The fit is insanely good, tho. I’m done cutting myself on bits, too! That lesson is learned...

The hinge was a first try, Chuck, and it works but ain’t real pretty...I’ll blame it on the pine this time. Next one’s on me...

Just glad to get everything in one place and easy to use. I might pull the Whiteside bits out of that red box and add a second bit block to access them and add the Sommerfeld bits as well.

I’ve got another box made that will be used for storing hinges and other cabinet hardware. Cardboard boxes don’t last...
What is Rock Hard?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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