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If your interested in learning as well as having a wide variety of router bits, I find it better to buy one bit at a time.

Set up the individual router bits and then learn how to use that router bit with specific learning activities. My favorite router bits are the 1/4" round over, 1/4" Cove, 5/32 Roman Ogee bit, 1/2" dovetail bit, 3/8" rabbet bit, 1/2" flush trim router bit, and 1/4" spiral straight bit.

1) My first choice would be the 1/4" round over router bit...then learn to round over 1/2 of the blocks of wood in the shop then change the height of the router bit to show the profile line and cut the bead cut the other 1/2 of the blocks. Glue your favorite photos on a backing block and then learn to cut the bead around the edges and ends of the block(s)...its your first picture frame.

2) With the 1/4" cove bit learn to set up and cut the 1/4" cove. Using stop and start techniques cut the stop and start cove.

3) With the 5/32nd Roman Ogee bit learn to set up and cut the four router bits on this one bit. a) round over router bit, b) the cove bit, c) the bead bit, and d) the full Roman Ogee bit

4) With the 1/2" - 14 degree dovetail router bit cut the linear dovetail... Build a Book stand.

5) 3/8" Rabbet router bit is used to set up and cut the rabbet joint... Build a box

6) ½" Flush Trim router bit is used to cut patterns...Build your first pattern fixture.

7) 1/4" Spiral bit used to experience the spiral cut on... box joints, dados and grooves.

Just my thoughts on your first router bits.

PS: Look for our new website on router tips coming in January which will feature the learning activities that I have mentioned above.
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