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dietz said:
Well for Christmas everyone listened to me and gave me Visa gift cards. I am thinking of buying a bit set. My question is this: MLCS (which seems to be a popular brand amongst you veterans) has some sets available - and
I'm looking at the 66 piece set and wondering how often are some of those bits really used (understand that i am just starting off). Is it a good thing start off buying a set or should it be done piece mill ? Is the set the biggest bang for the buck ?? Should i be looking into another brand ? smalller set ?....etc.


OK OK we all know that really good bits cost lots of money and that we all would like to use the best. Now if you are rich then just buy the best, if you are like me I just don't have the money to always buy the expensive one. Well I could buy them but then I do like to eat too.

I personal own the MLCS 15 piece set, I have used all the bits except for a panel bit they included. I got this set maybe three/four years ago and I am happy with it. Right now I think they have 10% off (til 12/31). They are not super high quality but they work and for a lot of the work I do they are good enough. (I would not go with the big sets unless you are sure there are bits in the set that you would need/want.)

I do get better quality bits for certain projects and get them as I need them rather then guessing what I might need in sets.

Now go and check out:
where we did this all before and see the rest of our comments from another day and also use the search function to find more information on "bits".

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