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Bit won't go allthe way into collet

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I have a Ryobi R163 router and something happened to to the collet. First I had a lot of trouble getting the bit out of the collet. Then, when I finally got it out, I couldn't get any of my bits to go more than perhaps half an inch back in. I've removed the collet entirely, so that's not the problem. What should I do about it?
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You can try taking a thin bladed screw driver and spreading the slots apart. Whether that will last as a fix is questionable.You didn't tighten the collet down with no bit in it did you?
Sorry, I removed the collet nut

Sorry, I misspoke (miswrote) in my message. I removed the collet nut, not the collet itself. I haven't yet tried to remove the collet itself. I don't know how difficult it will be to get the collet out.
Lay the router on it's side with the base plate retracted enough to give you a clear shot at the collet and take a pin punch (not sharp on the end) and tap the side of the collet lightly where it's exposed. Rotate it a little after every tap. It sounds like you tightened the nut down with no bit in it which is something you should never do. If you are spinning the nut down on an empty collet do it by hand and the moment you feel the nut touch the collet stop!
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