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Bits for cutting HDPE

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In the 4+ years using my Pro4824, I've only cut hdpe 1 time to make a dust shoe. I used a O-Flute Up Cut Spiral Bit on the project with no problems.

I'm preparing to cut 10 parts from 3/4" thick Recycled Black HDPE for a Festool type MFT that I built. In research I found that some owners prefer to use a regular 2 flute up cut end mill using a wider clearance toolpath on the first cut to give more room for chip evacuation. I would like to hear from members who have experience with HDPE before I waste some material.
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I've only cut cheap, dollar store HPDE cutting boards, and I've used a regular 2 flute spiral. I cut Corian all the time with regular router bits without any problems.
Regardless, whatever bit you choose I would experiment anyway to get your feed and speed right so you aren't melting your way through it.
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