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bits slip down through table

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Advice would be very helpful,having a problem with my router, it seems that when i turn it on, (table mounted) my lever to lock height in place gives way & the bit slips into hole. tried to tighten it but still slips, do I need a new router?
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Hi Hank

What kind of router do you have :
Brand ,model #,how old is it ?,did this just start ?,just the bit ?, or the router drops ?

Bj :)
The router is an older Skil , the whole router drops, model # 1823 Yes this just started
Hi Hank
This would just be a temp fix, you can buy shim stock at ACE Hardware, rap the stock around the base of the motor and then lock it down.
The shim stock comes in a box with many dif.sizes.( 3" x 5" the norm.)

But this maybe the time to get a new one :)

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Hi Hank

Looks like you can't get to the motor on the is one with the shim stock, you will need to take lt down and check the lock system on this one, most have a CAM that locks it up.
It may just be saw dust in the lock system because you are using it upside down.. :), Take it out of the table and blow out that lock cam.

Bj :)
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Thank you bobj3 I will explore both options.
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