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Black & Decker 7613 base plate replacement?

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Hi all,

I have a Black & Decker 7613 Type 3 router with a broken base plate. The plate measures 6" dia. and has three mounting holes on a 2 1/2" BC. I cannot find an exact fit replacement plate online or at Rockler's; the parts websites show it as N/A and don't even give a part number. Hoping someone can advise if this router is a relabeled version of another brand/model so I can expand my search, or lend me some direction to finding a plate so I don't have to make one.


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Hi Ron and welcome. You may be able to find a universal one that will fit. Lee Valley sells one that I think Milescraft makes.
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Jasper tools makes universal bases...

you could make your own from polycarbonite or acrylic...
use the old one as a template
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Welcome aboard Ron. Try the universal plates as suggested. Should work fine.
Welcome to the forum Ron,

I have that same router and luckily the plate is fine. I use it mainly in a small table top router table with a 3/8'' round over bit. I've had it for many years and it works well.

Welcome to the forum I agree a universal plate should work but making a plate from lexan or plexiglass is not that difficult. Like Sticks suggestion I have made several. I started with this router table kit
from Lee Valley tools I have made many different plates using the tools that came with this kit.
Jasper tools makes universal bases...
Thanks, I found one from Peachtree. Was hoping to get one that didn't require me to drill holes, but that seems unlikely. Wanted to keep a constant, accurate radius.

I started with this router table kit...from Lee Valley tools...
Wish I'd have seen this before ordering the other...oh well...
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